Tourism trade show in London

Hi to everyone I am back from London and the Failte Ireland trade show, called Flavours of Ireland. Held in the Guild Hall in the city of Westminster, this was a great venue for the event, the main hall has since 1501, has been home to the Lords Mayors Banquet, and still to this day you can have your reception within it great walls, and enjoy the gothic stained glass and high arched ceiling.

People from tour companies from around the world, some based in London others flying in to join, the 60 of so Irish companies on show, as this was my first trade show I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning, but over the next 3 hours I chatted with a long list of foreign companies about 2023, and what is available, from attractions, hotels, entertainment and dining. There were companies from all sectors there who were all looking to put their best foot forward.This was a great chance to network and acquire new contacts for 2023, and the coming years, but I hope not my last, making new friends and opening new pathways to Ireland is vital to our tourism trade. The Guild Hall staff reset the great Hall for dinner, returning to the room, the dining style 10 people to each table. As Dinner was served we had some dignitaries speak and they gave a good overall picture of where we are today and going forward.

From what I see Ireland is in good place now, and is able to move forward in the years ahead, All the companies working at this show, displayed a professional Tour platform for our guest to enjoy, and savour for years to come,

Yours in Tourism,
Michael Cowell