New Year Ireland Weather

Ireland Cold Weather

Cold jet stream from snow and freeze in the US to blast towards Ireland in days (Image: Met Office)

Supercharged US jet stream bringing turbulent conditions for 2023.
The long term forecast is showing turbulent signs for the country heading into the New Year.

A supercharged jet stream, fired up by the mega-freeze in America, is set to create turbulent weather conditions for Ireland as we head into the New Year.

Forecasters say the very cold air that has been spreading across the US in recent days is helping to strengthen the jet stream, which is pushing low-pressure systems across the Atlantic. Weather maps show the predicted path as it heads straight towards Ireland.

Met Eireann says low pressure will be the main feature of Ireland’s weather over the New Year, leading to “largely unsettled conditions”. Giving its long-range forecast for the week of December 30 to January 5, it said: “Low pressure will be the main feature of our weather during this period, leading to largely unsettled conditions to start 2023.

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“Temperatures will be around normal but it will be wetter than average as a predominantly south-westerly airflow steers showers and spells of rain over the country. The wettest conditions will be in the south and west. With wet and windy spells possible through the period, there is the potential for some wind or rain warnings at times.”

And from the outset, the national forecaster pinpointed New Year’s Day as the date it could turn colder. A forecaster said: “The weather will likely be unsettled on New Year’s Day, possibly turning colder, but confidence is low in the details.”