The Starting Years

Little did I know that at 63 years old I would be starting a Tour Company, but life is strange that way.

School was not good for me and when I left I had no more than a group certificate standard of education. It was thought that I should get a factory job and work in it until I retired. It did not work out that way. Having been in two factory jobs that were a complete disaster I went into the hospitality business in Ireland.

It was there my education took off. Customer Service, Cash Handling, Ireland Public Health requirements and all of the self-confidence that came with mastering these new skills. Trying to improve as I went about my daily life.

After I had finished my seven-year apprenticeship I moved to working aboard cruise ships and travelled the world. I studied in the college of life, meeting people from all walks and all parts of the world. These people unknown to me and them had a tremendous effect on my life and I can only thank them for their help.

After all that time returned to Ireland my life turned to working as a truck driver. One morning I saw a tour coach working and said to myself this is where I need to be.I now have 15 years under my belt and I looked like this was it, driving tour coaches until I finished tours and then driving school busses, until I was 70 years old.

This is where the Gods stepped in as I needed to take a step back from my work to look after my sick mother. When my mother passed on it took me a year to get over it and just as I was getting ready to look for work as a driver Kildare and Wicklow Educate Together offered a National Tour Guiding course and as I was unemployed at the time, I was eligible for the course I took it up.

At the end of the course, I obtained my National Tour Guide, the certificates and the new badge, all set to go. Life is strange. Just as you set out a plan it comes and kicks you in the butt.

Having gotten the cert and the badge, it brought with it Covid 19 and a full stop for two years. There I was sitting at home and a qualified coach driver, and a National Tour Guide and no work on any side. This gave me time to myself and over a week it became clear that I must move on from driving and use my new qualifications for the bigger picture and take the step it deserved.

It became clear to me that I should start to look at standing on my own two feet and strike out on my own. I used my time in what I can now say was the best use of time in many years.


Where is M.C.T. going?

In truth I don’t know. I have set a course for tours in Ireland. On our way there we have a lot to learn, lots to do, work hard, work ,well. Build up trust and most of all make friends. We have a saying in Ireland: If it’s for you, it will not pass you.

Now that M.C.T. is here I will endeavour to not let it pass. I will work night and day to ensure tours are totally memorable and offer everything you want out of a luxury tour around Ireland.