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    Due to time constraints we won’t be able to accommodate spontaneous requests to visit certain locations but if you wish to arrange a tour to visit locations then we can happily build you a custom tour schedule.

    Depending on the tour book there will be days allowed where you can shop from the many boutique shops around Ireland. If you require additional time to shop then please contact your tour guide who will be happy to help.

    Food is generally not allowed on the coach but there are plenty of stops scheduled throughout the day along with several fantastic restaurants so you’ll never go hungry throughout the tour.

    Nearly all of the coach journeys from location to location contain some form of comfort stop or stops for you to use the restroom and other amenities. If you require more stops for anything else then please contact your tour guide and they will happily assist you.

    A full range of support is available. The majority of Hotels have a doctor on call service. If it is just over the counter drugs then they can be acquired in the various pharmacies along the tours path. If you have specific medical concerns then please confer with your tour driver who will be happy to deal with any queries.

    The tours will typically be set in the Republic Of Ireland which use the euro, however on the tours that travel to Belfast or other locations in Northern Ireland then the British pound will be required. Debit and credit cards are also widely accepted throughout both the Republic & Northern Ireland.